Extend Outdoor Time – Summer 2023

Extend outdoor time as summer transitions into fall, with the use of exterior home products. The right selections will allow you to savor the warm summer vibes a little longer. Listed here are a few awe-inspiring, patio favorites, curated by SMC Interior Design. Links are included, so be sure to check them out.


One such product is an outdoor fire pitDefine your cozy gathering spot to be reminiscent of summer campfire nights with some heat. This example firepit is gas powered. While an electric firepit would be the greenest option, gas or propane are still better than wood.

Deluxe outdoor furniture like this heated arm chair or resin rattan lounge encourage you to continue enjoying the outdoors. So, even when its cooler you can be comfortable. The heated chair has a rechargeable battery. It will keep you warm for ten hours between charges.

Weather resistant string lights, with textural shades, can create a magical ambiance. Because of this, they can add a touch of enchantment to your exterior spaces well into the fall. The selection is vast though. First decide if you need it to operate by battery or electricity. 

To ground the space, add a beachy, striped outdoor area rug. It will evoke memories of sandy shores and carefree afternoons by the water's edge. Also add some bowl planters with summer and fall grasses - see top photo.

Consider the rustic allure of handmade quilts. Drape them on outdoor seating or use them as a tablecloth. Let them hug your visitors with a touch of nostalgia and artistry. These pictured, and others are available through SMC Interior Design - contact us here. 

Undoubtedly these unique items will elevate your late summer gatherings around the firepit. They will surround your guests in beauty and warmth, setting a serene and memorable outdoor retreat.