Susan Collins is a Vancouver-based interior designer. She designs high-end homes, vacation properties and condos in Vancouver, Whistler, the Okanagan, on the Gulf Islands, in Hawaii, Washington and Arizona. Susan is known for her casually elegant, functional and timeless style.

Clients choose Susan because of her product knowledge, innovative use of space, attention to detail and ability to understand and meet their unique tastes and needs.

Most of Susan’s clients have used SMC Interior Design for more than one project and have recommended the firm to friends and family. Susan has even designed homes for several of her clients’ children.

She is also an expert downsizer. Many of her clients move from large, single-family homes to condominiums and townhouses. Her designs bring functionality and luxury to smaller spaces and still allow clients to retain their lifestyles, which often involve entertaining guests.

“Susan Collins was a Godsend. She designed our kitchen, family room, and master bed and bath renovation and worked closely with the contractor and cabinet company throughout the job. She is very creative and competent, and everyone enjoyed working with her.” – Bill Dorfmann and Joy Begley

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